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Body Liberating
Boudoir Photography for
like you                   

badass babes

Boudoir photography sessions are for EVERY body. 
Because EVERY body is worthy of being photographed.

Your body IS a temple.
A fucking gorgeous shrine to YOU. 
So celebrate it. 
Whisper loving words of appreciation to it.

Boudoir photography is an investment in yourself. 
It's a luxury experience that's designed to help you celebrate and appreciate your body. 

St. Louis Boudoir Photography


Boudoir is an investment in yourself. It's an experience of self-appreciation and body celebration.


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A sexy alternative to show off your amazing body and celebrate how it changed.


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A special collaboration between you x Blossom Boudoir. Video for Reels + TikTok. My camera or your phone. 

Content Creation

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Mama to Gigi. Cat person. Feminist. Houseplant collector. Metal head. Avid life-long thrifter. I dislike pants and Diet Culture. I believe that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. I’m an OG weird kid with a pretty good sense of humor. I’ve always been whatever the opposite of cool is, and not in the way that not cool is cool now. But I think when I’m 80 it’ll work in my favor and I’ll be like, super badass. I really don’t follow trends and I don’t do slang or buzz words. I just say fuck a lot instead. Fuck is timeless. It never goes out of style. Kind of like a good black and white photo. 

I'm a St. Louis boudoir photographer.


Meet Jaimie

“In a world that wants women to whisper, I choose to yell.” 

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-Luvvie Ajayi 

kind words overheard

"Jaimie is phenomenal at what she does!"

If you have any hesitation in doing boudoir shoot, don’t! Be bold because you won’t regret it. She will make you feel comfortable, confident, and excited to see the final results. Looking back through my gallery, I was taken back by the person I saw before me. I loved seeing my body for all its curves and saying, “Wow, I feel sexy and fierce.” That was so empowering for me because I stepped out of my comfort zone. Capturing this perfect moment in time and loving myself exactly as I am is an experience that I will always treasure. 


"I'm so glad I did a boudoir session with Jaimie!"

Jaimie was amazing! She made me feel comfortable the entire session and gave tons of advice. The entire session was absolutely amazing. The photos turned out beautifully. They made me feel beautiful and I’m so glad I decided to work with Jaimie.

- tabitha

"A wedding gift for my husband that ended up being for me!"

I booked a boudoir session as a wedding gift for my husband, but I’ll be honest because it really ended up being for me! It gave me so much confidence! It also taught me how to pose to look good on camera which was great for all the photos we took on my bachelorette weekend!”

- taylor